Tube Wash Solution for Epson F2000-Firebird Brand

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Firebird Tube Wash

FIREBIRD’s Tube Wash is an economical alternative to the Epson OEM Tube Wash Solution to run daily maintenance on the Epson F2000 Printers. 

What was once the primary maintenance cost for Epson SC-F2000 owners is now replaced with this simple daily cleaning procedure option.  Rather than flushing a quantity of white ink and cleaning fluid through the ink lines and system every 4-6 weeks, you instead apply 10ml of this cleaning solution directly into the capping station before shutdown each day the printer is used.

To use this process a free firmware update is required.  The firmware update is a free download on the Epson Support Website.

Our Firebird Tube Cleaning Solution includes:

  • One Liter (1000ml) bottle of cleaning solution.
  • 2 Droppers.

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