EZ Ultimate F2100 / F2000 / F3070 Hoodie Platen - 16 x 10

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The EZ Ultimate Hooded / Zipper Sweatshirt and Placket Shirt Platen

Equipment Zone introduces an innovation in hoodie decoration for the Epson F2100 / F2000 / F3070. The difficulty in printing hoodies has always been the thickness of the muff pocket, and the fact your print head must be higher than the highest point on the garment.

With the introduction of the EZ Ultimate 16”x10” Shirt Platen, that problem disappears. The printable area is close to the print head, and the thicker muff pocket lays below the platen on the bed of the printer. The result is a crisp, bright image on your fleece products.

Even zip front hoodies can be printed with ease. A removable insert in the center of the platen allows room for the zipper to drop down and away from your print head. Works great for placket / golf shirts as well.

As with all platens on the F2100 / F2000 / F3070, this platen simply and quickly slips on and off the printer using two pins. The all-aluminum construction means this platen will last for the life of your machine… and the next after that! Equipment Zone will provide you the necessary template for your Garment Creator software.

This platen is exclusively available only from Equipment Zone. Get yours today!
Instantly mounts and dismounts from your printer with standard 2 pin mounting system

Our Guarantee:  You are going to love this shirt platen!  Try it for 14 days and if you don’t feel that this is the ‘Ultimate’ F2100 / F2000 / F3070 shirt platen for you, you can return it for a full refund.

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