EZ RIP Pro - F2100 Version

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EZ Rip Pro Powered By Kothari

Industrial strength software for expert level digital printing

EZ RIP PRO is a RIP and Color Management software tool designed to provide professional level control for the Epson F2100 & F3070 DTG (Direct To Garment) printers. EZ RIP PRO was built to handle large and complex files. EZ RIP PRO has a unique color processing engine, gamut mapping algorithms and color profiling mechanisms for CMYK process and white ink.

Features Include:

  • Advanced profiling for highly accurate color reproduction.
  • Up to 40% ink cost reduction through superior separation algorithms.
  • Control multiple printers from a single computer.
  • Allows EZ conversion of your Epson printer to produce DTF (Direct To Film) transfers for difficult fabrics.
  • Perfectly integrates with EZWorkflow software for barcode workflow automation.


    These prices are PER PRINTER. Examples: if you have 2 F2100 DTG printers you will spend $1,200.00 x 2 = $2,400.00. If you have 1 F2100 and 1 F3070 you will spend $1,200.00 + $2,400.00 = $3,600.00. Each printer will require its own licens,e of the software.

    If the customer loses the software key or "dongle" they are responsible and will have to buy the software again.

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