EZ-CURE DTF Sheet Dryer

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The EZ-CURE is a tabletop drawer style dryer for quickly drying printed direct to film transfer sheets. 

•  Dry in under 1 minute!

•  Holds up to a 16 inch x 20 inch film sheet.

•  Adjustable temperature controller. 

•  Adjustable timer.

•  110/120 volt electric.

•  Dimensions:  34 Inch Wide x 20.25 Inch Deep x 5.5 Inch High

Super easy to use.  Open the drawer.  Place the printed film sheet in the drawer.  Shut the drawer.  Press the timer button.  The timer will flash and beep when the time is up,   Open the drawer and take out the sheet.  The dtf transfer sheet is now dry and ready to be used.  Repeat for the next film sheet.

Fume Extractor not included

Shipping Cost: $50

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