Epson F2100 and F2000 Medium 14"x16" TucLoc® Platen

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The SC-F2100 and SC-F2000 series TucLoc® platens are interchangeable with the SC-F2100 and SC-F2000 original/OEM platen using the same locating pins for a perfect fit. Also, the printable area and height are identical to the original/OEM platen.

TucLoc® technology has made DTG printing with the SC-F2100 and SC-F2000 easier. The OEM SC-F2100 and SC-F2000 platen requires the garment to be secured by a hoop which can become difficult when trying to secure thicker garments such as sweatshirts & sweatpants. With TucLoc® technology platens, you simply tuck the edges of the garment between the two rubber pads surrounding the platens sides. That means no more adhesives, rings, or hoops. The TucLoc® system holds garments securely, removing wrinkles and allowing printing heads an unobstructed path.

The TucLoc® system is a patented garment holding system for Direct to Garment printers and was developed with assistance from Epson America Inc.

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