Maintenance Kit For SpeedTreater-TX Automatic Pretreater

Choose Maintenance Kit: SpeedTreater-TX Maintenance Kit /w STTX-SPRAYTIP95 - 17" Wide Spray
Sale price$ 89.95


Keep your SpeedTreater-TX running great with this proper maintenance kit. This kit includes all the parts and accessories need to keep your SpeedTreater-TX performing great! By purchasing the kit, you get all the parts you need in one package, plus exclusive package savings! The kit includes the following....

  • (1 qty) replacement nozzle of your choice.
    • STTX-SPRAYTIP95 - 17" Wide Spray
    • STTX-SPRAYTIP80 - 12" Wide Spray
    • STTX-SPRAYTIP40 - 5" Wide Spray
  • (1 qty) Intake Filter Replacement
  • (2 qty) Gaskets
  • (1 qty) 8oz bottle of Cloggy No More Solution -
  • (1 qty) Check Valve Gold Strainer

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