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Tube Wash Kit for Epson SureColor F2000 DTG Printer

  • $ 19.95


Epson Tube Cleaning Kit for SureColor F2000 Printer

What was once the primary maintenance cost for Epson SC-F2000 owners can now be replaced with this new and simple daily cleaning procedure option.  Rather than flushing a quantity of white ink and cleaning fluid through the ink lines and system every 4-6 weeks, you instead apply 10ml of a new cleaning solution directly into the capping station before shutdown each day the printer is used.

To use this new process a free firmware update is required.  The firmware update is a free download on the Epson Support Website.

The Tube Cleaning Kit includes:

  • Three 150ml bottles of cleaning solution.
  • 2 Droppers.
  • 10 Cleaning Cloths.
  • 10 Plastic Gloves.

The monthly tube flush function has been a significant financial maintenance concern of Epson SC-F2000 owners to date. Epson has worked diligently and successfully in addressing this machine owner concern with an incredibly cost effective solution.

Epson F2000 Tube Wash Kit Usage Guide PDF