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Epson UltraChrome DS Sublimation Ink Bags - HD Black 6 Pack - Equipment Zone

Epson UltraChrome DS Sublimation Ink Bags - HD Black 6 Pack

  • $ 690.00

This high-definition black ink was formulated with a higher-density black pigment for richer tones and greater contrast for highly accurate image reproduction in all print production. Epson UltraChrome DS with HDK dye-sublimation ink achieves dramatic color intensity and superior overall quality and sharpness with less ink consumed.

Please note: This ink is only compatible with the Epson SureColor F6200, 7200, and 9200 printers. The HDk ink requires storage and use within a temperature controlled environment. Ink must stirred regularly and once opened/ added to a CISS system it must be consumed quickly.

Developed over a three-year period, Epson UltraChrome DS is a specially-formulated dye-sublimation ink, producing outstanding images with vibrant colors, intense blacks, sharp contours, and smooth gradations. This all-new ink technology exhibits excellent light- and wash-fastness, as well as resistance to alkaline and acid perspiration. Designed specifically for Epson UltraChrome DS ink technology, the newly optimized Epson MicroPiezo TFP print head ensures precise and repeatable performance as well as excellent longevity. The printers are designed to be used exclusively with the Epson UltraChrome DS inks.